We had a great dinner and Officer installation on Monday July 25th. 

Our installing officers were R.W. Elmer Murphy and P.M. Richard Linden. 

A special thanks to Bro. Linden for performing the Bible presentation. 


Our newest P.M. Bob Moore did an outstanding job this past Masonic year. 

He is now focused on the Shrine Circus. If you receive tickets for the circus, purchase the tickets and give them away if you cannot make it. 

Bob and the Shrine need our support. 


Thanks to the Brethren who braved the hot weather for our quarterly trash pick-up on Preston Rd. 


We had a Mason from Cuba, who had just relocated to Dallas approach Bro. Hefley at the trash pick-up. He came down for dinner and to watch our EA practice.


Brother Larry Thompson who is serving as Worshipful Master at Sunshine Lodge No. 341, has taken on a charity for the needy program with Oak Cliff Mission Baptist. They are in need of plastic bags (Tom Thumb, Kroger, WallMart etc.) and school supplies. Andy school supply is good, but in particular #2 pencils are most desired. He may be contacted for any questions at larrythompson99@yahoo.com. Bring any of the above items to Lodge and Brother Thompson will take them off your hands. We have an EA Degree on Monday 8/22, so come on down to the Lodge for dinner and fellowship at 6:30PM.


Sincere Fraternal Regards,


Jay B. Terrell III

Worshipful Master 2016-2017


Sam P Cochran “Scottish Rite Cathedral”

500 South Harwood

Dallas, TX 75201

Ring Door Bell At Entrance Next To Parking Lot Or Enter Code Number ***


Brethren, if you haven’t been to Lodge in a while, you are missing out on some great Fellowship! Come sit in Lodge and work with us, as we set the example of Freemasonry into Action! Stated Meeting 2nd Monday’s at 7:00 PM. (Dinner at 6:00 PM)


 “Our Grand Purpose is to serve God, our Nation, our Communities, and the Principles of Freemasonry.”




To stay current, check the website: www.sampcochran1335.org  (TRESTLEBOARD) or call (817) 846-9224or check Sam P. Cochran on FACEBOOK. We are always open on first, second, and fourth Mondays around 6:30 p.m. for dinner and 7:30 p.m. for conferring degrees, or having Lodge Instruction & Study Nights.

Ideas or suggestions? Call the trestle-board, or email them to: sampcochran1335@gmail.com. Remember!!! Sam P. Cochran Lodge’s standing policy - Families are invited to ALL Lodge events, except, of course, degrees, study nights and Stated Meetings! Our Ladies and Children are always welcome!


Sam P. Cochran Lodge #1335

Ancient Free & Accepted Masons (www.sampcochran1335.org)

500 South Harwood  

Dallas, Texas 75201                










Address Service Requested!



Sam P. Cochran Lodge #1335   A.F. & A.M.

500 South Harwood, Dallas, TX 75201


Website: www.sampcochran1335.org, or Sam P. Cochran on FACEBOOK



Stated meeting is the 2nd Monday of each month. Dinner at 6:30p.m., meeting at 7:30 p.m.

Please Call at 817-846-9224

Lodge Officers for the Masonic Year 2010-2011


Jay B. Terrell III  – Worshipful Master                                                Anthony P. Deprez – Junior Deacon

Danny R. Janes – Senior Warden                                                          Vance G. Cozart – Senior Steward

Norman M. Stuart Jr. – Junior Warden                                            Curtis A. McGee - Junior Steward

Michael J. Leonard – Treasurer                                                            Chance E. Noble - Marshal

Darrell C. Hefley  – Secretary                                                                Christopher K. Chapaneri – Master of Ceremonies

Angel Del Gaudio – Chaplain                                                                 Angel Del Gaudio - Chaplain                                                                                                                                                David L. Arehart - Senior Deacon                                                          Perry E. Taylor - Tiler   

                                                                                              Brandon R. Foster - Musician   


Past Masters

E. G. Byrd +                                 52-53

Houston H. Webb +                   53-54

Jack E. Thompson +                  54-55

Chester G. Evans +                  55-56

Jack W. Fulcher                         56-57

Solon K. York +                         57-58

Allen W. Davis+                         58-59

David A. Weaver +                    59-60

Casey A. Logan +                     60-61

Cecil L. Blackwood +                61-62

Ronald L. Haga +                       62-63

James A. Conway +                 63-64

Leon F. Poarch +                       64-65

Curtis Hamby                             65-66

Hamilton MacFarland +              66-67

Lewis C. Dean +                       67-68

Ira W. Martin +                           68-69

Marvin L. Grantham +                69-70

Robert C. Nolden                       70-71

John E. James +                        71-72

Eugene F. Stockton +                72-73

Ernest M. Cotton                        73-74

John A. Williams +                     74-75

Clyde W. Howard +                   75-76

Steve Thomas +                         76-77

Alvin Koch +                              77-78

Bill Richardson                          78-79

Gene Burras +                          79-80

Dale MacFarland                       80-81

Joe French +                             81-82

Herman A. Mann II                     82-83

Kyle D. Garver +                       83-84

Don R. Chaney  +                      84-85

Joel N. Mann                              85-87

David G. Chaney +                    87-88

Melvin Simmons                         88-89

Bruce A. Umstead                     89-90

Robert A. Mantle                       90-91

Don K. Jackson +                      91-92

Phillip T. Brinson                        92-93

Stanley V. Bocelle +                 93-94

Lewis Dale Cook                       94-95

Dennis F. Smith                         95-96

Marc R. Jaco                             96-97

Ray O. Skinner                          97-98

Byron Parks                              98-99

Edd C. Maxcey                          99-00

Woodrow A. Fuller                    00-01

James Stonecipher   +              01-02

Nathan L. Fuller                         02-03

Larry Mac Norrell                      03-04

Harold Collum                            04-05

Jimmy Boy Watson                   05-06

Clarence ‘Casey’ Clem +           06-07

Jimmy L. Heisz                          07-08

Jody D. Stroup                          08-09

Larry J. Jones                           09-10

Darrell C. Hefley                       10-11

Paul F. Casey                           11-12

Mike L. Parham                         12-13

Richard M. Linden                     13-14

Carl R. Wright                           14-15

Robert W. Moore                      15-16

Jay B. Terrell III                         16-17



Jimmie Earl Brown                       77-78

Elmer Murphey III                  83-84/99-00

Jimmie Butler +                           85-86

William Phelps                            85-86

Johnny H. May +                        86-87

Leon F. Williams +                      86-87

Robert L. Abney +                     87-88

Robert F. Vaughn +                   87-88

Herbert Garon                            88-89

Joseph J. Boron +                      89-90

Billy Jack Davis                           04-05

Norman M Stuart Jr.                   13-14

James E. Fulcher                15-16/16/17



[ + Deceased ]